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Rick Tew's College of Martial Science Ninja Training and Mixed Martial Arts Training Camps and Tours
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Rick Tew's Martial Science Koh Samui Thailand
Beach life on Koh Samui Island
Tonfa training with Rick Tew
Earn a real black belt
Mixed Martial Arts Camp Thailand
Rock climbing in Thailand
Group hiking at CMS
Rick Tew's NinjaGym Thailand
Fitness obstacle course
Learning back flips
Bo staff flying side kick
Ninja obstacle course training
Forward roll over a bo staff
Ninja Moped Gang
Wall climbing and invisibility
Weapons training at Ninja Camp
Elephants on Koh Samui Island
Hanging out at Ninja Camp obstacle course
Rope and chain weapons training
Sword training on a tropical island
Rick Tew's horizontal climbing wall
Students learning to teach
Kniife and combat training
Waterfalls on Koh Samui
Mind - Body - Spirity Adventure Camp
Kettlebell training and martial arts fitness boot camps
Learning the rear choke
Water ninja training on Phi Phi island
Bag training and Muay Thai in Samui Thailand
Students practice their throws at martial arts camp
Self-defense leg takedown
Ninja Obstacle Course at our Martial Art Camp in Samui Thailand
RTMS Student after a Knockout Fight in Thailand as part of Rick Tew's Martial Art Camp
How to do a Wall Flip performed by a Student of our Samui Ninja Training Camp
Kali and escrima stick training
Rick Tew Speaking at a Univeristy on Maximizing Brain Power as Part of Winjitsu the Mental Martial Arts
Vertical Fist Martial Art Punch to a Heavy Bag
Ninja Body Movement Training Cartwheel over balance beam
Thai Food Dining at Rick Tew's Martial Art Camp in Koh Samui Thailand
Rock Climbing and Bouldering Training
Metsubishi Blinding Powder Training at Rick Tew's Ninja Camp
Mind - Body and Spirit Meditation on tropical islands in Thailand
Kali Stick Fighting and Escrima Stick Drills
Sensei with Fans and Students at the Tekate Fair and Celebartion Demonstration
Climbing Wall in Samui at Rick Tew's NinjaGym Fitness Boot Camp
Inside Crescent Kick a Martial Move
Junior Instructor program student learn gun tactics
Ninja Training Drills and Climbing in Samui Thailand
Martial Arts Interview with Rick Tew's Students in Mexico
Ninja Training on Roof at Rick Tew's Martial Arts Camp
Martial Art Student Kayaking in Samui Thailand
Mixed Martial Arts Training and Grappling in Samui Thailand
Rock Climbing Adventures with Rick Tew' s Martial Arts Camp California
Knife Throwing at Ninja Camp California
Martial Arts Cat Stance on the islands of Thailand
RTMS and Students at Blizzard's first World of Warcraft event Blizcon
Flying Side Kick
Jamming the attack for Black Belt magazine article
martialartscamptotalwarrior phiphi
Rick Tew's NinjaGym Martial Arts Programs

Rick Tew’s
College of Martial Science
Instructors Course

Live-in Martial Arts Camp and Black Belt Certification

 Mixed Martial Art & Fitness
Ninja Training Boot Camps

Short and Long term live-in personal growth programs

Web Total Warrior CMS 2012
Now in Koh Samui THAILAND

  • Black Belt Certification
  • Get in better shape
  • Learn leadership skills
  • Explore the Outdoors
  • Study the Martial Arts
  • Improve Mental awareness
  • 1-3 year program
  • Group housing included
  • Live in Thailand
  • Summer Training California

For beginners and advanced students. We adjust to your own strengths and weaknesses.

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Five Key Areas of focus to be
Well Rounded in the Martial Arts and Fitness - to be a
“Total Warrior”: with Certification in the Martial Science & Winjitsu

  1. Multi-Martial Arts
  2. Fitness & Health
  3. Mind Training & Self-Help
  4. Realistic Self-defense
  5. Full contact sparring & grappling

Each day offers a different area of focused training - 5 days per week with additional days for adventure.

  1. Modern Ninjitsu and Weapons
  2. Cross Training, Parkour, Yoga
  3. Meditation, Motivation, Focus
  4. Krav Maga Style Street Combat
  5. Muay Thai, Sparring, MMA Training

The Worlds FIRST Multi-Martial Arts College of Martial Science - the Total Warrior Program!

Want to see if you qualify?

Please fill out the form to send us an e-mail with why you will be a great Student and add your questions and comments.

The Total Warrior Program is a mixed Martial Arts Camp / Ninja Training Instructors program or a Travel and Training Adventure that brings you balance in mind, body and spirit:

Mind (meditation, focus, success & brain power)
Body (fitness, health, yoga & Multi-Martial Arts)
Spirit (outdoor adventure, travel & new friends).

You'll get Modern Ninjitsu training and mixed martial art concepts. It's packed with intensive training and travel and offers development in a variety of martial art disciplines and skills. To sum it up…. this is a lifetime opportunity  available right now - you won't find this type of training or this unique of an offer anywhere else in the world!

Rick Tew's Winjitsu - The Mental Martial ArtYou will also learn Rick Tew’s “Winjitsu” System for the Mental Martial Arts. You will get this information as part of your training to complete Mind (Winjitsu), Body (Ninjitsu) and Spirit (Adventure).

Both our Winjitsu and RTMS books are available on amazon.com and you can learn more at Winjitsu.com.

Whether you want to learn how to teach the martial arts, become a modern Ninja, get in shape fast with our fitness boot camp, or be part of an adventure, we can help. We don't just teach martial arts. The knowledge gained as a Total Warrior student is valuable in both life and work. We also help those that want a career in the Martial Arts, fitness or adventure! We offer short and long term live-in martial art  and fitness programs.

In a few words, here is the just of the Total Warrior and MASTERY Program:

The Ultimate Martial Arts, Adventure, Personal Growth Experience.  The Total Warrior Program is designed to teach everything you need to know in the martial arts and fitness or bring students to Instructor Status in the Martial Science and give them a black belt in Mind, Body and Spirit.

See the PROGRAMS page for details

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Do you want adventure travel and training in some of the worlds most unique locations for outdoor adventure?

If you are a self-motivated individual, love to travel, looking for a challenge and a change of life,  fill out our form.

"Hi, this is Rick Tew and I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this life changing offer.  In addition, although I am going to attempt to inspire you into action, really you and only you can make a difference in your life."

"What I am about to talk about is a program that is like no other.  It isn't a class, seminar or weekend getaway.  It is a complete change of life and your style of living.  We shape our destiny through our decisions to take action."

If you have read the Adventure / Lifestyle page on our site, then you have a good idea about what Total Warrior martial arts, adventure and personal development LIFE entails.  If not, then please read it so you know what we are focused on:


martialartscamptotalwarrior (162)Ronnie Lopez
I can vouch that Rick really does what he preaches, he walks the talk rather than talks the talk. He is very congruent in what he says and passionate as a result because he has actually lived it. He has a genuine energy about him, and that energy definitely comes from a place of contribution and creating value for others.

A typical cost for a 1-month program of this caliber is $5,000 per month or $25,000 for 9 months of private group instruction.  This program easily adds up to more than $10,000 worth of training.

Any normal college or vocational program would easily charge $10,000. - $50,000. for a Basic Degree.  This is what you pay only for a piece of paper.  It costs money for an education and we are no different.  However, what we offer is different and if you know anything about real life education (or unschooling) you will know that “hands on” experience is the best way to learn. 

In a traditional college you are paying large sums of money to participate in a very large group.  You are just one of the many faces in a classroom.  Most of what you learn is from a book or speech.  Very little of it is taught one-on-one. Why would you pay so much for so little? 

Consider the fact that a private or group instructor would cost $10 an hour for an average coach or guide and $100 an hour for an advanced instructor. But an experienced expert in their field would easily charge $200 - $500 or more per hour. With more than 200 private group lessons per year that's a value of $2,000 to $20,000.

The training alone is worth the value, but consider that we offer Students a place to sleep so that they do not need to worry about finding a room or apartment to rent (long-term programs only). It would easily cost you $500 per month to live in a CMS Style Ninja Equipped house. That’s more than $5,000 a year for housing alone.

A typical travel program that includes academic instruction could run you about $10,000. for a 1-3 month program.  We include outdoor adventure as part of our Total Warrior program. Mr. Tew has personally guided hundreds of Students through some of the worlds most unique outdoor locations. We base in Thailand and California in the summer so we can easily get to some of the best Adventure spots in the world.

What you learn is also usually limited when it comes to signing up for typical academic programs.  Although we are a martial arts instructional course, we also educate students in a number of other areas.  You will walk away from this program with many new skills not limited to physical talents.

It must be noted that all growth and time invested is to YOUR benefit.  Once you complete your training you can profit from this growth. 

  • Training from an Expert Instructor Proven in the field of Martial Arts
  • Learn from an Instructor who knows the fastest way to get you educated
  • Learn all the Martial Arts has to offer – weapons, combat, kicks, body movement etc.
  • Absolutely perfect for beginners
  • Time to focus on YOU
  • Join our network and start teaching ASAP

You can sign up any time and reserve space and attend when you are ready. Simply fill out our form and a representative will contact you. Please note that you must QUALIFY for our program as well as agree to our Rules and Regulations.

“Learn the Martial Arts, experience an Adventure and meet people from around the world. ”

Dr. Roy Martina - Netherlands
CEO of the Roy Martina Experience

Roy Martina
“I am a 6th degree Black Belt in Karate and a 7 year undefeated champion of Europe, now I am an M.D., acupuncturist, author and lecturer. I have known Rick Tew for 20 years, he was one of my instructors and sparring partners. He is top of the charts in dedication, motivation and inspiration. Training with him is life changing and profound. I would recommend him over everyone else because of his diversity and mastery of the spirit of Martial Arts. He is also a gifted and impressive speaker and can mesmerize any crowd with his speeches. Words are not good enough to describe this man. Experience him...”

If sitting behind a desk taking the same traditional vacation is simply not your thing, the Total Warrior Program  might be your solution.  We offer opportunities to, travel, adventure and learn a variety of martial arts and other skills that enhance mind, body and spirit!

Are you the kind of person who needs excitement, freedom to be yourself, and exciting options to choose from?

Craig Peterson - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - USA
Craig Peterson
“I have gained more strength, stamina, and creativity physically, mentally, and spiritually. My ability to communicate clearly and with confidence without being overbearing has also advanced my professional life.”

When you go home you can still take what you learned to make things happen for yourself in the field of martial arts, personal growth, public speaking, training or unique fields like body guarding and stunt work or simply to improve your life and business.

Whether you want to work as a instructor, trainer, educator, industry expert, coach, author, bodyguard, stuntman, tour guide or even a professional speaker…if you want to turn your vacation into your vocation then you simply MUST attend our long-term program.

Marco Van Der Weijden - Netherlands
Marco Van Der Weijden1
“The unique thing about Martial Science is that it is open to new ideas and techniques and therefor ever growing; it encompasses a wide range of activities from ground fighting to rock climbing, from knife fighting to survival skills, everything you can possibly associate with Martial Arts, we do; it is dynamic (no kata's that people have been doing for thousands of years); it is modern, young, fun and very, very effective in real life situations.

How It Works

You'll enter a long-term training program.  If you only want to attend for a few weeks to enhance your life or improve your skills, that is also possible during our long-term phases, we offer per week programs too. 

  • Training in the Martial Science
  • Modern day Ninjitsu
  • Adventure Activities
  • Climb, hike, camp, etc.
  • Winjitsu the Mind Martial Art
  • Certification with every level you pass
  • Mixed and Multi-Martial Arts
  • Fitness, NinjaGym®, Yosemite Fit & more

Jeff Thom - Canada
Jeff Thom 2
“I'm certain that if you attend you would have learned and realized useful things that would affect your over all quality and level of success in life. You will have learned how to get over your fears, learned to face challenges , you would have learned how to become more of a leader. CMS produces which means that although the students may come here starting at ground zero - if they simply choose not to quit, not to give up on themselves, they will eventually get there.”

Want to take your Adventure to the next level and sign up for our Martial Arts Instructor program? Upon completion of the Total Warrior training and pending you meet the requirements, we'll certify and help you as teach as an NinjaGym® instructor where you can earn profits based on your success.

Kevin Ogden - Madison, Wisconsin - USA
Kevin Ogden
Its a chance of a lifetime to get away from all the stresses of life and focus everything that you have, on your training and self improvement. What I like the most is the variety of the system -which involves everyday life training with how to be healthy in mind, body, spirit and nutrition.

Job loathing costs an estimated $150 billion per year in treatment for stress-related problems.

There are four basic motivators for work and money isn't number one:

    1  We are motivated by what we like and respect

    2  We need to feel that work is important.

    3  We need a job that offers a sense of empowerment

    4  We desire a vocation that offers a feeling of independence.

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."
- William Jennings Bryan

Make improvements in your job or personal life, we teach you how to determine what your goals are and how to reach them.

Nate Paul - Palm Harbor, Florida - USA

Nate and JeffNate at Malibu Creek Rock Climbing Trip
“I've learned so much, upon recollection it's unbelievable. I've learned to maximize my memory potential, set and follow through with goals, make the most out of my time, and take calculated risks. I can dive over chairs, flip in the air, climb high, dodge a knife, punch, kick and even do the splits. I've learned to relax, be happy, enjoy nature, and not worry about being afraid.”

The Total Warrior - CMS program is a martial arts training, adventure, personal development course, designed to teach you the martial arts and related skills that will improve your life.  

Ortwin Cyrus - Netherlands
Co-founder “Kiboco” Kite Board School
Ortwin Cyrus
One of the best periods in my life, in which I learned a lot, lived through a lot of great experiences, met a lot of people, made many new friends and was privileged to be able to share my knowledge and skills with my fellow RTMS team members and students.”

The College of Martial Science is more than just martial arts.  We teach the same skills that top managers, sales people and entrepreneurs are learning to succeed in their field.

Live your dream - Design your destiny

Remember, only you can change your future - take action TODAY.  Don't end up in the rocking chair looking back and regretting that you let this opportunity pass you by.

Look back two months or over the last few years and ask yourself has anything changed?  Are you simply getting through life day-by-day, month-by-month?  Sign up and make the next year of your life count for something.

How Will It Change Your Life?

  • Learn a new skill
  • Be proud of who you are and what you do
    Be a leader and coach to others
    Have a lifestyle and not just a job
    Be happy and decide to accept only the best
    Be prepared to deal with life's challenges
    Learn new skills applicable in almost any field

Kris Butler - Canada
Kris Butler
I experienced a great deal during my stay and training in association with Mr. Tew and the CMS program. I have gained massive amounts of experiences, and situational confrontations that have helped mold me into a superior form of myself. I have done more in a few months of being there then some people have done in their entire lives, I think that speaks enough for itself. Out of hard work in the program I have had countless amazing experiences. For that I am extremely grateful and despite any "hardships" I had to endure it was very worth it.

Life is about more than just surviving it or finding a job to pay the bills. Life is full of choices and these decisions shape your destiny.

Here's what you need to do:  Fill in the form today and you'll be on your way to becoming the new super you or take action and sign up now!

Sign Up for CMS

Our actions dictate our destiny.

Attending our program Could Be The Most Rewarding Experience of Your Life, And if you want a new career teaching the martial arts, outdoor adventure or personal development we’ll Teach You How to Do It

With this knowledge Master Instructor Rick Tew has been able to travel and teach the martial arts all over the world. He has the freedom to do what he wants, why he wants, when he wants, where he wants and with whom he wants. He can teach you the same skills and mental requirements that it takes to make a life under your terms.

Where There's No Vision, People Will Perish

Billy Sanders - Little Rock Arkansas - USABilly Sanders 
“I've found I can push myself much harder and farther than I previously thought, and my resolve has increased as well.”

Total Warrior programs are for anyone that wants to get out and experience an awesome adventure that includes the martial arts, fitness, personal growth and the outdoors. People from all walks of life are welcome to attend.  Especially beginners.

Richard Nelson - Galveston, Texas - USA
Richard Nelson
“The only thing I think I could really have to add to all of this is that CMS is an Adventure in life. You might only get so many invitations to take such an adventure when you're young before you get caught up in the struggle of life as it is today. For me, CMS was a childhood dream...to be a Ninja. Other people probably can relate to this, because Gen X grew up in the 80's which was the king domain of Ninja's being glorified thru multimedia. Because your focus determines your reality in life. If you choose to focus on the bad parts, then that is all you will see. But if you take those small nuggets that are just pure fun, happiness, and love...roll them into one big image of what you want, and focus on it...that is what you'll see no matter where you are.”

Regardless of your goals we can help:

  • Martial Arts
    Ninja Training
    Outdoor Adventure
    Personal Security

Don’t want to teach?  No problem, we offer one of the best multi-adventure programs available to date for a price you can afford.  Have you ever thought about learning all the martial arts has to offer?  Our program is the best introduction to the martial arts available to date.

All Programs Include Mind - Body - Spirit training

WHAT Can You DO with Multi-Martial Arts and Martial Science Training?

You can learn the martial arts!

  • For people looking for martial arts and / or Ninja training with an amazing adventure.
  • For serious students and or adventurers looking for something unique in the United States.
  • For students who want Certifications in the martial arts or personal growth.

Martial Arts - Ninja Training and Travel, Self-Help - Outdoor Adventure Camps.

Master Instructor Rick Tew
College of Martial Science


Hello, I am Sensei Rick Tew and as my last name states - there are two of me.  I am both your instructor and friend and together we are determined to help you learn the martial arts and improve your life.   I want to thank you for taking the time to consider training with me or attending one of my Martial Art Adventure Training Camps.  I have been teaching and running life changing programs for the last 20 years.  Many things have changed, but one thing remains the same; we offer the ultimate martial arts, adventure and personal growth program available today - period.”

Rick Tew

Rick Tew
Founder of RTMS / CMS

Tew's Inc. / Rick Tew / TotalWarrior.com / NinjaGym® / College of Martial Science reserves the right to change its Programs, Rules, Prices and Regulations and Program Schedule at any time, for any reason, without notice. We also reserve the right to change the methods through which use to improve or change our business. This may include, but is not limited to, changing the schedule, adjusting the training program or location of training. We may also add or remove any offer listed as an incentive at any time.

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