California Martial Arts Summer Camp

Ninja Summer Camp in California

2 Week Summer Training Camp July 2019

Ninja Martial Arts Camp in California


This is 1 – 2 week martial arts summer training camp in California.

Each day offers a different area of focused training – 5 days per week with additional days for adventure.

  • Modern Ninjitsu and Weapons
  • Cross Training, Parkour, Yoga
  • Meditation, Motivation, Focus
  • Krav Maga Style Street Combat
  • Muay Thai, Sparring, MMA Training


Our summer Martial Arts program is for expert martial artists and beginners alike.

Ninja summer training program

Training will be in Fresno California and beautiful Yosemite National Park.


This is a 2 week training camp starting on July 1st, 2019. Students may attend for one week or two.

Fresno California Ninja School

Students come from all over the world to train in Rick Tew’s Martial Science.  When asked, these are the top 5 reasons students join our program:

  • Learn Realistic Martial Art
  • Improve Self-Confidence
  • Get in Better Shape (Lose Weight / Build Muscle)
  • Have Fun / Meet New Friends / Travel
  • Personal Security


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Our Pricing Plans

Semi Warrior


  • 1 Week of Training
  • Special Group Classes
  • Two T-Shirts / Polos
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  • 2 Weeks of Training
  • Special Group Classes
  • Two T-Shirts / Polos
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