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Total Warrior Health & Fitness

  • Eat, Drink, and Sleep Your Way to a Better Body!!

  • Get Your Health and Fitness Under Control Now

  • Workouts That Are Unique and Develop Your Core

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  • How to 10x Your Health and Fitness For Life

  • Unique Strategies to Extend Your Life and Body

  • Get in Shape, Eat Healthy, Stay Energized and Live Longer!

Your body is the most important vehicle that you will ever own.  And yes, YOU own it.  It is your responsibility to keep it clean, fueled up and change the oil.

Your body can take you many places in life and help you to get a better experience.  The better you treat it, the better it will treat you.  Will it last as long if you fill it with smoke?

  1. Improving your Strength
  2. Developing better agility
  3. Increasing overall flexibility
  4. Strengthening the heart and lungs
  5. Boost your stamina
The above statement is true for your body as it is for anything else.  Your body needs to be active in many ways and we do help you to get back into the game by providing you a strategy for developing your own personal health and fitness routine.  One that works for you and can be maintained by you.
What could happen if improve your health and body now?
How does that make you feel?

What will happen if you do don’t take care of your body?
How does this make you feel?

  • How to lose weight and keep it off
  • How to focus on being a better you
  • How to really get in better shape
  • How to workout and keep it fun
  • How to stay active at any age
  • Develop a set routine
  • Learn workouts that only require your bodyweight
  • Improve in a way that is fun for you

  • Meet new people
  • Make new friends
  • Try new experiences
  • Breathe life back into yours
  • Find joy and laughter with people of like mind
  • Adventure in the outdoors
  • Expand your world
  • Get in a routine of improved thought
fitness-8-cThe same statement is true for losing weight and getting in better shape.  Movement and changing your diet will have the greatest affect on your overall changes.  It is not as simple as just moving more and eating less.  Though that is a great place to start.  The truth is, you need to move more and eat more too.  It is all about the way that you move and the way that you eat:

  • What moves
  • When to move
  • How to move

This is true with your diet and caloric consumption. You need to know:

  • What to eat
  • When to eat
  • How to eat

Your program should never be about pain, starving or challenging your body.  Those strategies are what hinders people from achieving long-term success.

You can keep it simple and produce results. The end goal each day is that you are expending energy and this expenditure should be greater than your caloric intake.  Sitting in one place for hours on end doesn’t really expend much energy and this is why you may often hear that sitting is killing people.

fitness-5cOur unique fitness program and the way that we see fitness will help you to 10X your results in only a few weeks!

Yes, you will need to keep up the routine and training but the idea behind the focused month of training is to get you used to a routine.

It will literally change your habits and the new lifestyle will help you to continue to:

  • Stay in shape
  • Eat healthy
  • Be energized
  • Live longer

The biggest challenge that most people have when they change their diet, sign up for the gym or follow a DVD at home is that they do not follow through. It is hard to be consistent.  Here are a few reasons why people fall off track:

  • They get too busy
  • Cravings take over
  • We use food to change our moods
  • Lack of social support
  • We live in the moment
  • Didn’t buy the right groceries
  • Don’t fully understand the process
  • Have no energy to workout
  • Motivation died on day 3

The above list is just a few of the reasons that limit people from being their best.  We help you to fix that by proving the following:

  • A coach to keep you on track
  • We provide the meals you should be eating
  • Time away from your schedule to really focus
  • Educate you on the what, when, and why of fitness and food
  • Keep you motivated with others of like-mind
  • Use a fun exciting approach
  • Help you to build a routine

We do all of this through the NinjaGym 1 month fitness and health program along with our Yosemite Fit program (optional outdoor adventure in nature for improved fitness).

REALITY: It is unrealistic to believe you will change your life in only a few days. You need to change core habits which require a set routine after a large focus of time and repetition.

fitness-6-cRick Tew has been helping Students to improve their lives and see fitness and health as a way to continue living their lives to the fullest.  As a martial arts instructor he uses unique methods that help the body to develop in 5 key areas of improvement.  All of these areas will help you to improve your longevity.

  1. Strength
  2. Heart and lung conditioning
  3. Body stamina and endurance
  4. Flexibility
  5. Agility and motor control

In addition to the bodyweight workouts, Rick also provide unique martial art classes so that you gain an edge on your fitness.  The martial arts provides muscle confusion and increases all of the 5 key areas for longevity too.

Ricks also teaches every participate a 10 martial art stances that they can use in 5 different workouts using all of the same 10 stances from the martial arts. This helps keep the workouts fun and exciting.

Ricks Ninja Yoga will give you something a bit different to do than traditional yoga. No moves are repeated so you can go from 1-10 without having to get bored or repetition.  This is great for men that don’t like the slow pace of traditional Yoga and a new treat for Women that want to add something to their existing routines.

fitness-healthDon’t wait until the Dr. gives you a list of how to fix what is broken.  Get a heads start and focus on maintenance.  If you are already in a period of sickness then don’t let it get worse.  You need to take time out to focus on healing or getting the body back into balance.

Each of us is unique and we all can do with a little improvement in various areas.  Life is a constant work in progress but your energy will improve and your mood will be enhanced.

One of the best ways to improve your attitude is to start working out and getting a routine that supports your life.

It is a rare opportunity to get private group training with Rick Tew.  He offers a very unique approach to his classes that isn’t available anywhere else.

In addition to all of the physical benefits, you also get to meet great people and have a chance at getting some life-coaching in every class.  Mr. Tew is a certified Strategic Intervention Coach and has lived all over the world teaching and sharing.  He has a lot to offer and share that is far beyond the classes that he teaches.  You truly have an opportunity to grow in mind, body and spirit.