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lifestyle-1-compressor“Never confuse having a career with having a life”

The Total Warrior Program the ultimate training package that includes all of the programs we offer into one complete and TOTAL package.

  1. Fitness
  2. Mind
  3. Martial Arts
  4. Self-defense
  5. Full-contact

In addition to the above amazing programs the actual program itself is well worth the fee for admission. Read more to learn how you can be a part of this incredible group.

Is there still an opportunity for you to train and adventure in the ways of a traditional martial art that follows a modern and practical science too?

It can be hard for us to find truth when so many masters and experts of everything seem to be popping up on the Internet and in the speaking arena.

What could happen if join the martial arts adventure now?
How does that make you feel?

What could happen if you do don’t take advantage while it is available?
How does this make you feel?

  • How to apply Stances realistically
  • How to Rolls
  • How to fall and still get up
  • How to properly Strikes
  • How to kick
  • How to Box and Sparring
  • How to Grapple
  • How to use Weapons
  • How to improve your flexibility

In addition to the above we also do some unique training:

  • Advanced Body movement
  • Street Combat
  • Scenarios based training

Additional benefits that training in a martial art system provides:

  • You can have more self-confidence
  • Improve your health
  • Gain strength or lose weight
  • Increase speed and agility

And of course there are some more benefits based on the way we conduct the program:

  • Meet new people
  • Make new friends
  • Try new experiences
  • Breathe life back into yours
  • Find joy and laughter with people of like mind
  • Adventure in the outdoors
  • Expand your world
  • Get in a routine of improved thought


Our unique system of martial arts and the way that we do our training is the fastest strategy for you to 10X your martial art skills.

You get the original non-copied program that brought the joy of adventure and the martial arts together and combined the unique principles of all martial arts into one whole system based.

RTMS which is Rick Tew’s Martial Science is founded on the philosophy of Ninjitsu, the adventure of the Boy Scouts and the inspiration of motivational self-help programs.  What Rick has done is created a program that combines these three life changing activities into one complete system of martial arts, called RTMS.

  • Complete Martial Art System
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Mind focus for personal growth

We call it, Mind – Body – Spirit.  Every Student learns to integrate this concept through our specific programs and system.

  • Rick Tew’s Martial Science
  • Adventure in Yosemite National Park
  • Winjitsu the mental martial art system

REALITY: It is unrealistic to believe you will be 100% effective in a situation requiring you to defend yourself or others.


Rick Tew has been teaching and running programs related to the martial arts for more than 20 years. He has lived and taught in Europe, America and Asia.  Each location offers something unique through this voyage he has also learned a lot himself.  All of this experience goes back into the program and for the Students.
Too often students are told to do thousands of Muay Thai kicks or focus on pushing the body to a point where they will suffer by the time they are in their 30’s.   This isn’t what we teach.  We support you in your goals, but we also make sure you understand the consequences.  For many, the career path of a fighter is their chosen strategy and we will do our best to help them to succeed.
Rick is the type of person that understands that friends are more important than money and the experiences we have in life are priceless.  He invests his time in sharing these experiences and wants you help teach you how to get more of them while learning a great system of martial arts.  Yes, a student needs to be dedicated and do their best to get the best but Rick is there the whole time to motivate, educate and help you to be the best that you can be.

Stick to the task until the task sticks to you

Beginners are many but enders are few

Honor, power, place and praise

Always comes to the one who stays

You can see images where Mr. Tew took a group of dedicated Students to Mexico on an all expense paid trip (they even earned an additional ticket to fly anywhere Alaska airlines flies just for being on this team).  They followed Mr. Tew around as he shared the martial science.  They were on TV with him, with the mayor with him and even got to dance with the Tecate girls on stage when Mr. Tew performed his demonstrations.  They were able to participate in teaching the Police and be on the radio.

Rick is known for passing the benefits of the program over to his Students so that they can get the most out of an experience.  The first time Rick went to Thailand to scope out Koh Phi Phi Island for CMS training, he paid the flights of two Students on his own birthday.

Rick invited a few Students to Hawaii and offered to pay half their tickets if they wanted to go the same time he did so he could explore the island of Kauai for possible training programs.

Rick flew 6 Students to Holland on his dime and placed one of them from Canada into a job (a home, income and plan) that Rick had set up for him so he could live and teach in Europe.  That student is still there.  Rick is always making outrageous offer for those willing to take the challenge.

Rick invited students from Holland paying plane tickets and let them stay in his house while taking a month off from his own schedule just to show them around.  Even let them use his own vehicles and took them to places like Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park etc.

For anyone that has spent a long time with Rick they will have experienced many life-changing events as well as being pushed to explore the world around them.

One memory that Rick often shares is from his time when he first moved to Holland and started taking students to castles and outdoor locations like the vesting for training. One of his students said:

“Rick, I have seen more of my own country in the short time of being with you in your martial art program than I have in my whole life here.”

Student after student can recount the many adventures, conversations or committed extra-mile effort from Rick.  Many Students can say that they have done more because or Rick paving the way for them.

When you take the time to really invest in yourself and in our program you are doing that with a person that is so passionate about the martial arts and training that he has been doing it his entire life.

There are many Master Miyagi type people in the world and Rick Tew is the one that embodies an American Ninja and offers great martial arts training, pushes you to grow, hangs out with you on adventures and still brings the mysticism of false beliefs back down to earth.  He isn’t teaching you to kick but teaching you how to kick.  He isn’t void of challenges so he knows what it is like to go through dark times, personal struggles and what to do when you are about to give up.


Because Rick is really a pretty big Nerd and a pretty hard core Ninja, he is able to provide a great program for both personality types.  He likes training beginners and talking with people that most others would run from, yet at the same time, he can train an experienced fighter or warrior type and show them a new trick or two.

As a NERD Rick Likes to:

  • Play video games
  • Read like crazy
  • Learn new skills
  • Make websites
  • Use a computer
  • Be a life-coach
  • Write books
  • Life-hack
  • Chase dreams
  • Watch Seinfeld-like shows
  • Eat pizza

Rick is known by Students to organize weekend long LAN parties where he usually doesn’t sleep most of the 3 days.  We gather on a Friday and fill the house full of food and snacks from Costco.  Giant bowls of salsa, stacks of pizza and muffins galore.  We have PC’s connected, Playstation games, board games, movies you name it and we take it all the way to Monday.  It’s just FUN!!

Rick grew up when computers were coming into their own and he taught himself how to do HTML with a book and made his first website back when it was getting just getting known. He has been doing this since the beginning and it is what has taught him so much about business.

He has an immense passion for personal growth and wrote 5 books for a Mental Martial Art system that he calls Winjitsu.  It was originally written as the Mind Martial Science for students to prepare before training.  Many of its original principle you will see in modern books that followed Rick written level of freedom.


What you want

Where you want

Why you want

When you want

With whom you want

In Holland when there were posters needed for an event, Rick made them.  Students can remember him going behind the counter in print shops to teach the salesperson how to use the printer to make a color poster.  Almost any Student has a similar story like this.

Many of the students have learned hands on business skills just from the time they spent with Rick and most only a few months.  Rick taught students how to edit videos, make DVD’s, how to use website editing programs (he used to write Tewtorials on these programs too).  He’s just a big NERD.  The list is rather large and if you are a nerd or if there is any part of you that didn’t fit in high school, you will have a lot in common with Rick.

From Rick’s Management course (at the time called the mind martial science) and training one of his students from Holland in these skills, he was able to break out of his shell and earn a management position and move to Switzerland. One of his major goals was to move out of Holland. Ask him to list some amazing adventures and Ricks program comes to mind.

As a NINJA Rick Likes to:

  • Do full contact sparring and grappling
  • Ride Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycles
  • Rock climb (often freestyle)
  • Do extreme hiking and camping
  • Rock jump (don’t do this away from home)
  • Take on major life challenges – like moving to new countries
  • Kill himself in body weight training

What Rick has never been a fan of is feeding the EGO, though much of this page can appear to be doing just that.  Rick doesn’t believe much in competitive sports because of the way that it promotes an EGO based mind-set.  Rick created his programs so that he could spend quality-time doing amazing things with great people like YOU.   An ego or competitive mind is focused on a selfish strategy.  Though Rick could have taken many selfish opportunities, he usually sacrificed for the greater good.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t train to be in the UFC if that is your dream.  Rick will be a great coach regardless of your life’s passion.  It’s just not the path that Rick wanted to take though we all have our personal goals.

His dream was to offer as many people a life-changing experience through the martial arts as possible.  And he has given his life to it and welcomes you to join him for an adventure.

Rick Tew created the world’s first, live-in college of martial science that combined the true concepts of mind – body and spirit equally.  When he was putting the program together, he was contemplating who he would allow onto his program.

At first, Rick was only going to allow people just like him.  People that were healthy, skilled in the martial arts and looking for improvement. After much thought and contemplation Rick decided to go the opposite direction and take on people that were most likely not like him.  The reasoning behind this was that if Rick was to grow as an Instructor he had to be more open minded.

Rick’s programs in the past were often pretty strict and really pushed students to look themselves in the mirror.  At the same time, he was standing with them the entire way if not leading the way.  Whether this was running students around a giant park as a warm up, taking them to the top of a waterfall or down the side of a giant rock cliff, Rick was there.  Most of the photos you see of students training were taken by Rick Tew himself.


Take advantage of our program and offer and we will schedule you in and be waiting for you to arrive.  Since 9 out of 10 people sign up as much as a year in advance, we will be sure to keep in contact and you can let us know if your schedule needs to change so we can arrange a different time for you to attend.
Many of the Students from the old days when Rick first introduced the program reminisce about how amazing it was.  It wasn’t something they truly valued until many years later when they realized there is nothing quite like it.  They can see the value now.

You don’t need to wait 10 years and you can get the same experience and find your path.  Many of our Students found their own way through our training programs and you can too.  But these programs are unique and not always available.

Programs like this are not always available and training with Rick Tew is rare as he often moves his focus to Europe or Thailand.  So depending on where you are at the moment, it is best to jump on board while Mr. Tew is available and the program exists in its natural form.

What we offer in our program is a life-arts program disguised as an amazing martial arts program.  Everyone could use a break from their world to reflect, improve, ponder and grow.  As Miyamoto Musashi put it:

“The way is in training”

This is a constant and never-ending process and you an benefit from that opportunity to grow now while it is available to you.  You will not be limited to learning how to kick, punch, roll, fall or move like Jackie Chan.  You will also be stretching your mental boundaries and learning new skills that will improve your life.

There are some skills that the martial arts offers that are hard to learn anywhere else.  The mind-body connection is a powerful tool that exists in our training as every class is a chance for you to have an aha moment or learn to deal with mental demons.

Remember, there is a mind-body connection and what you learn in the martial science can be applied in your real life too.

We teach you to create your own strategies by learning skills in the martial arts and having a real time ability to contemplate effectiveness. What works for you, what you struggle with and why. You will be able to not only discover personal demons that limit your potential but also be given the tools to eliminate them too.

We also offer a payment plan so you can register your spot with a down payment and then make monthly payments before you arrive. Most students sign up as much as a year in advance, giving you plenty of time to finance your program.

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