Martial Arts Adventure Tour

Martial Arts Adventure Tour in USA

All Inclusive Tour Ranging from 2 – 4 Weeks

Martial Arts Adventure Tour


  • August 2018 (1 - 4 Weeks)

  • Rick Tew Is Your Tour Guide

  • Rock Climbing & Rappel

  • Martial Arts Training

  • California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah

  • Martial Arts & Adventure Gear

Rick Tew’s Travel & Training Tour is your ultimate martial arts vacation. We call this the CAN-U tour as you will travel through various parts of California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. Experience the Martial Science while traveling through the best of the Southwest United States. Visit such locations as Yosemite National Park, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, San Francisco, California Coast, Death Valley and more.
What is better than a camp? Better than a seminar? And cheaper than a brand new car?

The answer, Tew’s Travel and Training Tour or TTT, Adventure America.

4 important factors make TTT the choice for martial artists:

outdoors-cNot just kicks in front of the mirror, but actual real training in the outdoors. Many dojo’s brag about the size of their schools and training facilities. I have seen places that advertise their expensive air conditioners. I hear talk about mats and equipment. Still, I am not impressed. I am not convinced that any dojo could ever compare to the training opportunities available in the great outdoors.

For starters:

* The outdoors is free to anyone who wishes to use it.
* There is no rent, utilities or expensive wallpaper.
* The natural environment is not limited to a number of square feet or particular
* It offers the best in natural air conditioning.
* With the world as your dojo, you can decide what terrain to train on; grass,
dirt or even snow.

outdoors-2-cI could go on and on about the advantages of outdoor training, but I want to bring attention to what I feel is the most important aspect of outdoor training. This is the spirit of the warrior. If a student is ever to reach what I call, “points of enlightenment,” he/she will have a much better chance of arriving at these points in the natural environment. Too often we close ourselves off from nature and its benefits. You will find that outdoor classes will be much more enjoyable and memorable. As far as spirit and enlightenment… well that’s for you to discover.

It is your chance to give up the mat, put away the mirrors, take down the bags and trade them in for 14-28 days of mountains, rivers, rocks, trees, animals, waves, snow, sand, wind, sun, rain and an occasional indoor adventure.

martial-arts-cIn addition to the great outdoors, you have the training itself. The tour is like a seminar and camp rolled into one.You will get training in almost every area of the martial science. Many students use the tour to increase their rank, some get tested and others just enjoy the training. With the variety in terrain it makes for the perfect location to test out your skills. From sparring in the ocean to rolling through the snow, you will have the opportunity to truly advance your skills. But we don’t just offer training in the martial arts, you also have all adventure activities too:  River rafting, snowboarding, swimming, rock climbing, cliff jumping, hiking, and more.
travel-cThe motive for joining the tour is just that, because it is a tour. What better way to see the western United States than with a group of people just like you? The tour follows CAN-U (can you) route. California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. You’ll see theGrand Canyon, Lake Powell, Rocky Mountains, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Yosemite and a number of other sights.

One of the great things about traveling in a group is you always have fun, even at the gas station. Almost anywhere we go, (when there is a group), there is fun and adventure. Whether it is chasing each other around with paint guns or dressing up for an on the spot demonstration – fun is the key word.

joshjump-cSo you have a vacation and great training, what more could you want? Well I bet I can answer that one too. You want it all for a fair price. And we manage to handle that department as well. Where else can you get a 2-3 week martial arts training tour for under a $1,000.??? You would be hard pressed to find just the tour for that price. You could always jump on a bus with 50 people and forget about the individuality, but hey, you want that great photo over the Grand Canyon doing the splits, or that shot climbing El Capitan in Yosemite, or how about the pic combating at the beach…

All in all, there really isn’t enough to say about the tours and training. They are something to be experienced.

Two Week Travel & Training Itinerary

day-1-cTravel: We jump right into the program with a full day of introduction training in Malibu Creek, State Park.

Training: Martial Science basics, stances, rolls and falls, rock hike with optional rappel.

Day one will start off with a morning class on hand to hand, then move on to a rock scrambling hike through the creek with a final rappel on the “Planet of the Apes” wall.


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4 Week Tour


  • 4 Weeks Travel Tour
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