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Winjitsu – Mental Martial Arts


  • Learn How to Overcome Fears!!

  • How to Do Dynamic Meditation

  • Get a Black Belt in What You Do

  • How to Be Happy, Achieve More and Balance Your Mind

  • 10x Your Personal Development

winjitsu-books-c“No matter where you go, there you are.”

This isn’t just a great quote from movies like Buckaroo Bonzai.  This is a statement that holds true no matter what path you take in life.

Maybe you have been chasing goals, dreams and significant others only to realize you still don’t have fullfillment.  This is simply because your focus is external.

Our program isn’t about having you come to spend time with us sitting like a pretzel and having someone share zen-like quotes while you attempt to get comfortable.  The purpose of your invested time is for you to master your mind, in a fun environment, through more conversational experiences, that provide time for you to reflect.

In doing our program, the goal is to provide you with a routine and a way of thinking that supports you.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

This is a self-power program powered by us.  When you leave, your level of self power will have increased.  We have all heard about self-power when we consider the following:

  • Self-confidence
  • Self-discipline
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-actualization
  • Self-control

Though many are trapped with the self-help mindset and fail to truly learn any of the above.  This is because they usually follow one of these strategies for success:

  • Read a book
  • Listen to a speaker
  • Watch a video

Although these are all ways to become self-aware, none of them are going to help you to be a better person as they do not help you to change.  Change requires a routine in order to adjust your way of thinking that could support you.  Reading about change is not enough.

Also, learning or being told from others is only part of the process. We still need to take the time to find what resonates with us and then, in a way it is coming from us.  You are always the one that must use the tools and apply what you learn.  Knowing there is a screwdriver in a box will not fix anything.

Many of us know what we should do but end up doing the opposite.  This is because we have not created an auto-pilot strategy for doing our best.  Instead we fall prey to default conditioning that leans towards the negative.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

Not everyone will use the same strategies for their lives.  What works for one may not resonate with another.  The truth is still that these skills all help everyone to succeed in reaching their true potential.

Look at any book out there that is teaching you how to make money. They are focused on the internal habits that need to become routine ways of thinking.

Consider the famous book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  It is a book about mental strategies.

Our program is about eating, drinking and sleeping these strategies.  Not just principles of success from Napoleon Hill but all of the major players that can help improve your life.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

Reading a book is not enough.  What needs to happen are three things:

  1. You must get into the doing of these strategies
  2. You must become these strategies
  3. You must have a routine using these strategies

This is a program that teaches you what could help you to improve while at the same time providing you with an environment to apply what you are learn and focus on the change.

Many of us are stuck in telling a certain story and don’t realize how the stories we tell can control our mindset.

Don’t worry, you won’t turn purple.  Change is dependent on you and what your actual needs are.  Just like we do in our martial art system, the goal is for you to build on your strengths while eliminating your weaknesses.

Many of us already have certain attributes that we can use to make our life a BLAST.  Our program will go through everything.

We all need skills for balancing our lives mentally.  After all, it is all in your mind.  Your life and life-force is inside.  Though we often play the victim of external circumstance and allow outside events to determine how we feel inside.

How you see and perceive the outside world is what will be reflected internally.  This is why two people can have see the same event but experience it differently.

Learning how to manage your mind is the most important skill to learn when you consider that we live the human experience for the joy of it.  If you are internally in turmoil, that means you have yet to learn to master your mental control center.

“To be wronged is nothing, unless you continue to remember it.”

What could happen if you don’t learn to control your mind now?
How does that make you feel?

What could happen if you do learn to control your mind now?
How does this make you feel?

Life is full of obstacles and challenges. It is not about not having these challenges.  It is about learning how to navigate around one, climb over some and dodge others. It is like an obstacle course.  Our program is an obstacle course for the mind.  When you do a physical obstacle course your body improves with each attempt.  This is why you need to devote enough time for learning and developing a real routine.  Just reading a book or watching a video will not be enough to give you the tools needed WHEN you need them.  They need to become habits.

“The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.”

Maybe you are applying living in the moment and it clicks when doing some rock climbing which requires you to focus on what you are doing right now.

Maybe you are watching some birds under some of the world’s largest trees and you gain a moment that sticks with you forever.

For many, they will take a new lesson, begin to apply it in practice and see joyful results and wonder how they ever lived thinking any other way.

What we provide is a catalyst for you to grow and to experience in your own way.  Just as in life, everything is optional.  It is all a choice for you to take and make the most of what you feel is where you need to be.

The way we focus on helping you to consume the lessons is by teaching and explaining strategies to you, then helping you to truly understand them through both assimilation and reference.  We then focus on sharing these skills to the point that they are internalized and finally through practice and unique repetition, you have a new thought pattern and can be a better you.

“Attack the evil that is within yourself, rather than attacking the evil that is in others.”

The full program consists of more than 100 techniques that we will break down for you over the course of one month.  We prefer if you can take a complete 5 weeks as there are 5 levels.

  1. Developing a positive mind in spite of life’s-challenges
  2. How to be motivated, take action and learn 3X faster
  3. What it really means to be balanced in mind, body and spirit
  4. How to use passion to create an unlimited source of energy
  5. Master a meditation and way of thinking that supports you

Each day we will go over key strategies while having an open discussion and providing time for you to ponder and practice what you are learning.

“Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.”

  • Managing fears
  • Dealing with dread and worry
  • Building self-confidence
  • Practicing change in your mind
  • How to disassociate from problems
  • How to think positive when a negative thought has control
  • How to use negative thinking in the law of attraction
  • How to set goals you love
  • What the EGO wants and what you need
  • Law of attraction concepts
  • Healing with the mind
  • Changing your mental state in an instant
  • Managing loss in business
  • Dealing with a divorce or separation
  • Feeling whole
  • How to make life a BLAST!
  • Meet new people of like minds
  • Make some new friends
  • Get new experiences
  • Breathe life back into yours
  • Find joy and laughter that stays with you
  • Outdoor adventure
  • Stretch to new horizons
  • Find the right routine personal growth

“Often, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and often, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.”
– Universe

We all can feel lost or confused and very often just lacking in fulfillment.  Our program helps you to take a time-out and give yourself some well needed time for just YOU.

With so much happening in the world around us we can get or feel lost.  This comes in many forms.

  • Feeling unimportant
  • Being sad more often than happy
  • Seeing too much noise going on around you
  • Experiencing chaos

Very often all you need is some time for you to focus and get a grip on your own life while dodging the world around you.

“The goal of life is not to have our lives mean something to ourselves…it’s to have our lives mean something to others.”
– Simon Sinek

Though it might sound funny going to a selfless camp to help with your selfishness, it is a disease that affects most people.  We are taught at a young age to be very selfish and this leads us to actually being less happy.  The irony is that selfless behaviour creates a well-rounded happiness in everyone,

Are you the type of person trying to make the experience better for others or are you the type of person that is trying to make the experience better for themselves?

Our program is focused on the selfless concepts that help you to improve the quality of your life while also improving the quality of life for others.

The most important gift you can give yourself is time to focus on you.  Remember, reading a book will not create change.  What you need is to take time to create and develop a routine.  A routine requires you to not only get repetition and guidance, but also to learn how to program positive thought patterns so that they are habits.

Life is about how you feel and how you feel can be determined by HOW you think.

  • What you think
  • When you think
  • Where you think
  • Why you think
  • Who you think

Thought is the starting point for every idea and every emotion.  To avoid getting caught up in a vicious circle of negative emotions, it is key to internalize ways to respond that support you.

Rick met Dr. Joe Dispenza a while back in Holland. At the time Rick didn’t know who Joe was.  Rick was with a friend who leads a group that brings popular speakers on life-change to the Netherlands and Joe was one of them.  Rick sat down to meet Joe while he was finishing up his meal and had a short chat.  Joe mentioned he also did the martial arts and even had a studio at one point. Rick went along with Joe and the guide to the event for the workshop.  After hearing Joe’s speech and thoughts on how the brain functions, he immediately began to devour his material.  Rick has been doing this for 20 years and shares that knowledge with all of his Students.

With a focused period of time you can 10X your mental skills and discover what’s possible for you.

REALITY: It is unrealistic to believe you will be 100% effective in a situation requiring you to respond positively unless you have trained the sub-conscious to do so.  

Rick has been involved with self-learning and education for more than 25 years.

He is also a certified Strategic Intervention (SI) Coach.  SI a program developed by family psychologist Cloe Madanes and famous life coach Anthony Robbins.  It is focused on realistic applicable strategies that help one to make positive changes in their lives.

Rick is the owner and founder of which teaches the three basic tenants of how to Adapt, Amend and Adjust yourself to improve your life and relationships.

Rick brings all of his training in the martial arts, years of living around the globe, and time spend on personal development into each one of his programs.

Rick is the author of five books on personal growth that focus on teaching a system of personal development he now calls Winjitsu.  The goal is to teach You how to be a Black Belt in what You do. This is done through routine exercises that help one to internally master the skills needed to fight of mental demons and hold on when times are tough.

Rick is a Black Belt Master Instructor, life adventurer, global citizen first and a life coach second.  He has put everything that he shares, teaches or advices on to use in his own life already and for more than two decades.

He has been teaching, coaching and helping Students for well over 20 years. Unlike most life-coaches, Rick has been a consultant, speaker and coach the majority of his life.  Most coaches decide they want to help others, take a course and are making websites in only a few months without even having any coaching background.  Many coaches need coaching themselves and only chose this avenue because they were sold by a motivational speaker that tells them that everyone is an expert.

Fact is, not everyone’s an expert.  It is just a way for saavy internet guru’s to suck you into their big ticket item (once you realize you are not really an expert).  We believe that you have a lot to offer the world and we believe that you can be helping others to improve their lives the very next day. But the first step, is to ensure you have the right tools in place and have applied those strategies to your own life so you have a real story to share.

All of our text is original work but it can be hard to believe what is possible when so many people are playing the game of copy and paste.  This is why we have thousands of photos and proof with Mr. Tew teaching and sharing all over the world.

For anyone that has spent a long time with Rick, they will have experienced many life-changing events as well as being pushed to explore the world around them.

Student after student can recount the many adventures, conversations or committed extra-mile effort from Rick.  Many Students can say that they have done more because or Rick paving the way for them.

When you take the time to really invest in yourself and in our program you are doing that with a person that is so passionate about personal growth that he has been doing it his entire life.

There are many Master Miyagi type people in the world and Rick Tew is the one that embodies an American Ninja and offers great martial arts training, pushes you to grow, hangs out with you on adventures and still brings the mysticism of false beliefs back down to earth.  He isn’t teaching you to think but teaching you how to think.  He isn’t void of challenges so he knows what it is like to go through dark times, personal struggles and what to do when you are about to give up.

Take advantage of our program and offer and we will schedule you in and be waiting for you to arrive. Since 9 out of 10 people sign up as much as a year in advance, we will be sure to keep in contact and you can let us know if your schedule needs to change so we can arrange a different time for you to attend.
Many of the Students from the old days when Rick first introduced the program reminisce about how amazing it was.  It wasn’t something they truly valued until many years later when they realized there is nothing quite like it.  They can see the value now.

You don’t need to wait 10 years and you can get the same experience and find your path.  Many of our Students found their own way through our training programs and you can too.  But these programs are unique and not always available.